Tripal Galaxy APIΒΆ


Use of the Tripal Galaxy API requires the installation of the Tripal Galaxy module and the blend4php library..

The Tripal Galaxy API allows you to integration Tripal and Galaxy and customize some or all of the process. By default the Tripal Galaxy module provides an interface that allows a site to offer a step-by-step interface for a workflow, maintaining the look-and-feel of the site. If that functionality is sufficient you will not need this API documentation.

The blend4php library was specifically built to provide a native PHP interface to the Galaxy API such that any PHP application can connect to the RESTful web services of a remote Galaxy server. While blend4php provides much of the functions needed, the Tripal Galaxy module does provide a few other functions that help with Tripal integration.

The API documentation is provided in two forms: an overview and a list of functions. The overview provides a written description for using the API and the list of functions provides the list of all functions, their specific arguments and return values.